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The VW Steering Perfection

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Volkswagen is a leading manufacturer of high-quality vehicles that offer excellent performance, comfort, and safety. One of the key features that contribute to these aspects is the steering system, which provides the driver with precise control and feedback. In this post, we will explore some of the components and technologies that make up the VW steering system.

The VW steering system consists of several parts, such as the steering wheel, the steering column, the steering rack, the tie rods, the power steering pump, and the steering damper. These parts work together to transmit the driver's input to the wheels and adjust the direction and angle of the tires. The steering wheel is the main interface between the driver and the vehicle, and it can be equipped with various controls and functions, such as cruise control, audio, phone, and driver assistance systems. The steering column connects the steering wheel to the steering rack and allows for adjustment of the height and reach of the wheel. The steering rack is a metal bar with teeth that mesh with a pinion gear attached to the end of the steering column. The rack converts the rotational motion of the pinion into linear motion that moves the tie rods, which are connected to the wheel hubs. The power steering pump provides hydraulic pressure to assist the steering rack and reduce the effort required by the driver. The steering damper is a shock absorber that reduces vibrations and oscillations in the steering system.

One of the innovative technologies that Volkswagen has developed for its steering system is progressive steering, which is based on a variable steering ratio. This means that the ratio between the steering wheel angle and the wheel angle changes depending on the speed and driving situation. At low speeds, such as parking or maneuvering, progressive steering reduces the number of turns required to steer from lock to lock, making it easier and more convenient for the driver. At high speeds, such as highway driving or cornering, progressive steering increases the ratio, providing more stability and accuracy. Progressive steering enhances both agility and comfort, making it a valuable feature for Volkswagen drivers.

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