As we all know Vanagons are under powered, even the best built VW water boxer still won't keep up with uphill traffic. We have teamed up with Vanaru Engine Conversions to give you the most modern and high tech engine conversion you can get. This Conversion system allows you to keep your stock gauge cluster, utilize your stock cruise control, and retains the factory fly by wire throttle that came in the Subaru eliminating any chance of the throttle cable breaking.

Two of the best perks of doing a Subaru conversion are:

1. You now have a very reliable modern engine, this will increase your fuel economy, keep break downs to a minimum, and give you the extra power to keep you out of unsafe situations both on and off road. 

2. If you do have problems during a road trip finding a repair shop is much easier. Most general repair shops are familiar with the Subaru Boxer engine and with the conversion there is an OBD Diagnostic port allowing quick and easy resolution to basic problems. With all that being said, parts are readily available everywhere. So the days of being stuck in a small town for days on end waiting for a part to show up to get you on the road are gone.


Conversions start at $14,900


So you want a bullet proof engine rebuild.  We work with several of the best rebuild shops around the US to get you the robust rebuild that will last a long time.



Why not add a fridge console or a new ABR Fridge, Power Ports, Gauge Clusters, Road Showers Awnings, Roof Racks, lighting upgrades, suspension upgrades.   We can even install Recaro or Eurovan Seats in your Vanagon.  We have the knowledge and experience in putting various accessories in Vanagons.


Time to Rebuild that transmission!  We work with many resources around the country to insure you have the best possible rebuild, adding strength and reliability as well options like Lockers and HD Clutch Kits.


Engine fires can start without warning.  Now there's a solution to reduce the chance of losing everything.

BlazeCut is an easy to install system for the DIYer or we can install it for you.  Prices start at $399


BASTARDS!   You open your engine bay to find this mess.  We can help you reduce the chance of having a rodent hitchhiker.  Give us a call or stop by for more information.  Kits start as low as $65.

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