Raise your Eurovan 1.00" or 1.5" with our exclusive ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polycarbonate lift spacers. Easily installed on rear springs.

To Level the Vehicle we will need to adjust the torsion bar on the front suspension and  align the vehicle.


  • Now available in 1.00" or 1.5" 

  • UHMW Polycarbonate


If you have a Eurovan you'll need to put in the bypass and transmission cooler to avoid the dreaded transmission failure.  The original VW transmission cooler works with in the engine oil cooling system which together are not efficient.  We source our cooler kits from and can put them in any Eurovan.  The GoWesty Kit is priced at $409.95 + Tax and Installation


If you are running a lot of electrical items in your Eurovan it may be time to upgrade to a 230 AMP Alternator from the stock 150AMP Unit.  These Alternators are from the first version VW Touareg.  Valeo 439685 Alternator,  The price of these Alternators are around $750 new + Tax and Installation


Need wiring for LED lights?  Maybe a fridge console?  We can add various upgrades to your Eurovan including exterior plugs for trickle chargers etc.


One complaint about the Eurovan is the lack of a grab handle on the driver's side.  We can order the handle you can put it in, or we can put it in for a small fee.  If you are up to it, watch the video below to see one of our customer's installed one in his Eurovan.

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